Building Networks – Bringing Together Members of the Rewilding and Regenerative Agriculture Community

One of my favourite things about Ewhurst Park is the opportunity I have to interact with like-minded individuals who care deeply about the environment. From bonding over our shared interest in conservation to discussing business plans with farm owners, great relationships have been built. I am pleased to connect with people who share the same interests as me, and really appreciate the collaborative nature of rewilding. Understanding that we are all in this together, James, Derek, and the many other professionals I have spoken with have provided crucial information and constructive tips. 

Mandy with Prof Alastair Driver

Last year I was fortunate enough to host members from environmental groups at Ewhurst Park including individuals from Rewilding Britain and Heal Rewilding. We shared and compared our current rewilding practices and discussed which practices would work best at Ewhurst. It was a wonderful opportunity to work with others in this field, and I am grateful for their time and willingness to share their experience and advice.

In December we hosted a group of young environmentalists from across the UK. We showed them our current projects at Ewhurst and shared our hopes for future rewilding and regenerative farming on the land. It was an incredible session and I was left in awe of our next generation of environmental activists and their passion and creativity. Their energy was tangible and it was wonderful to end our year at Ewhurst on such a hopeful note for the future.

Mandy with Derek Gow and Tara Kinsey at Ewhurst Park

I have also had the privilege of visiting other reserves across the country, and in November I visited Paul Lister at his Alladale Wilderness Reserve in the Scottish Highlands. Since then, I have visited Charles Burrell at Knepp Wildland, Derek Gow at Upcott Grange Farm, and Hugh and Laura Crossley at Somerleyton Hall. The latest stop in my grand tour of sustainable estates, farms, and reserves across the UK was at the beginning of December when I visited the Buscall family at Wild Ken Hill.

It has been a wonderful experience getting to meet with these prominent leaders of the regenerative and landscape revival initiatives across the UK. I am honoured to work and collaborate with these pioneers in the industry, and further for the diverse range of topics and individuals with whom I have spoken. With a combination of voices, I am exposed to a wide range of viewpoints and can decipher what will work best for Ewhurst.

I am eager to see how our network at Ewhurst will expand within the next couple of months, building friendships and relationships in the field of regenerative agriculture and nature restoration.

Inside the Boat House at Ewhurst Park with Katy Fielding, Jonathan Spencer, Pete Copper, Rina Cooper, Harvey Tweats and Josh Styles