Ramsdell Village Hall Fundraiser

As autumn sets in, the leaves begin to fall and the days get shorter, I naturally begin to think about community and belonging. For some, autumn means hibernation and retreating into the warm glow of home and family. But for me, autumn is a time to reconnect with others cementing bonds and ties before the winter sets in.

It was therefore an absolute pleasure to begin my September,  by hosting a fundraiser for the new Ramsdell Village Hall. A beautifully designed hub for our village and local community, the space will be a central point of joy for Ramsdell for decades to come. The fundraiser was arranged and organised by the brilliant team at the Ramsdell Church and the Village Hall Committee, the event demonstrated the best of the village; as the sun set we enjoyed a bramble gin cocktails infused with locally foraged blackberries and indulged in a hearty curry generously served up by [what was the pub called?]

It’s never difficult to bring people together in Ramsdell as we’re blessed with a vibrant,  active and incredibly giving community. Taking to WhatsApp and the myriad of local Facebook groups, we were able to welcome many neighbours, community members and friends together for a worthy cause.

It brings such joy to my heart to take part in the activities and events that take place in this community. Thank you so much to Ramsdell Church and the Village Hall Committee for organising such a lovely event. Many thanks also to the Ewhurst team, who constructed the teepee and provided support.

Our fundraiser took place just  two days after Her Majesty’s passing and during this period of mourning we considered postponing the event. However, in the spirit of community and philanthropy – two values that the late Queen held so close to her heart – the village elders came to the decision to proceed and honour her 70 years of service with a dignified two minute silence.

An auction was held, with prizes including the opportunity to drive a tank and attend a performance at the Royal Albert Hall. A total of £4,000 was raised through auction pledges and ticket sales for the final push of funding to finish the village hall; an amount that I was more than happy to match.